Personality Assessments 
Psychological personality and aptitude tests have been used with individuals with great success. Personality tests can facilitate psychotherapy by shedding light on a person’s patterns of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and interpersonal interactions. This provides a “roadmap” to help guide the course of therapy that is uniquely tailored to the individual. Dr. Siegel works collaboratively with the client to make sense of the personality testing and to answer questions that the individual has about how to achieve their goals more quickly. For more information and FAQs about personality assessment go to Psychology Today.

Organizational Assessments
Dr. Siegel also provides psychological evaluations for business and industry. In addition to assessments as screening tools, they can be used to help organizations recruit, retain, and develop their personnel.
We use the following to take the whole person into account:

• Psychological tests that have been proven to be both reliable and valid
• Extensive one-on-one interviews
• Cross validation by two independent interviewers

Getting Started 
To obtain more information about individual personality assessments  or organizational assessments contact Dr. Siegel.